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About Us

Welcome to Custom My Ride! We are the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts looking to take their ride to the next level. Our journey began in 2016 as Pimp My Civic, specializing in customized carbon fibre parts for Honda Civics. As our passion grew and demand increased, we evolved into Carbon My Ride in 2019, offering a wider range of bespoke car parts for BMWs, Seats, VWs, Mercedes and more.

But that's not where the story ends - in 2023 we officially became known as Custom My Ride! And with this new name came even more exciting offerings and partnerships. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our stock right here in the UK while still shipping worldwide so everyone can experience our top-notch products.

Our mission is simple: to help fellow car lovers create a ride that truly reflects their unique style and personality. With our high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail, we guarantee your ride will stand out from the rest.

At Custom My Ride, we believe that every car has its own story waiting to be told. That's why our vision is to inspire creativity and self-expression through customized car accessories. Join us on this thrilling ride - let's make your dream car a reality together!